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New Preferred Dealers

We are in final discussions with several leading AV Dealers about selling and servicing our range of products, once these have been concluded, we will tell you who to call.

If you can't wait until then call us and we will assist you directly.

Tel 01582 937465 or 07540 694535/07736 650109

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New Speaker Cable

Our newest cables , will be ready to view next week. It's a beast of a cable that truly delivers a new degree of clarity to any system.

Interconnect Loaning Scheme

A big thank you to all our new customers; having sent over 20 of our high end audio cables out on loan/demo last month, ALL of our 'loanees' became customers! We love this method of 'trying before buying' and will continue with this successful scheme moving forward - great news for audiophiles who are buying into our philosophy re: cable construction and sound excellence.

To date, we have 8 cables out on loan this month, including 3 of our new Silver Ultimate interconnects especially adapted for Naim - and the feedback has been extremely flattering! 

A selection of our high end cables are in the process of being reviewed, so look out for the reviews in February's edition of Hi-Fi Choice. 

Reviews aside, we know the best way to be sure about equipment is to experience it for yourselves, so please do take us up on our loan scheme!

A small deposit allows you to borrow and test our cable(s) for yourself for a 7 day period.

New True Phase " Silver Pure Power"

With so many of our customers requesting power cables, we can now announce that True Audio Signal's first Shielded Power Cable has completed its testing phase with stunning results and they are now ready for sale!

4K Image and Sound Interconnects

We will be offering two types of 4K cable, both using Silver BNC connectors and supplied with a test report on their respective performance.

Our cables all have an excellent pedigree, with a design history in the Aero Space and Broadcast industries, where signal integrity is not just demanded, it is expected as a given. The design and materials used proved to be a natural fit for the Audiophile world.

New Items and AV Specific / 4K Coaxial Interconnects

True Phase Rush 4K Interconnect

This cutting edge 75 ohm cable was designed for a Studio Editing and Production Client and we are delighted to offer this to the Audiophile market.

The cable will be covered in woven braid so its Studio look will be pleasing on the eye.

Printed Performance Details can be given to give this cable the credibility it deserves.

Please call us for competitive pricing.

True Phase Silver Power Cable

This is our first offering on a power cable that is shielded using our own technology to eliminate any unwanted power interference and adds that final solution when using all the correct components on your system.

Our standard woven braid for this cable will be Black/Graphite, unless you want Neon Pink like our first client to match his Silver Ultimate interconnect.

Please call us for competitive pricing.

Din to RCA Interconnect

We have built a bespoke Din to RCA cable,using our very own Silver Ultimate cable. This has been tested and listen to on our Naim System,and the results are so clear to hear. Standard length is 500mm for a hand built interconnect.

Please call us for competitive pricing.

Why Buy Our Interconnects ?

What makes True Signal Audio Cables Different

  • There are several reasons why our hand built Audio interconnects stand out against other manufacturers.

It starts by utilising the very best raw materials available at the construction stage of manufacture.

All our cables are hand extruded giving us the most precise construction, thereby delivering the best possible sound reproduction.

The various foil and braided shields inside the cable, stops any outside interference from damaging the signal integrity.

  • Our cables are reeled at specialist premises, and in such a way that ensures the optimum set up for signal direction.
  • Once assembled, we test every cable on a Spectrum Analyser to ensure that no Analog or Digital signal is lost within the cable.

All our product range can be made in bespoke lengths if required, as we believe that our customers should decide what best meets their requirements - after all, your system is as unique as each of the True Signal Audio cables which support it.

We can make a terminated pair of bespoke cables within 7 days, and all our cables are guaranteed for 2 years .

Try our cables at home on your own system

  • To back up our claims on just how good the cables are, we are happy to loan you a pair of our Interconnects .

All we ask for this service is a deposit on the cable, which will be returned to you after the 7 day test session.

Our Pedigree on Bespoke Audio Cables

  • For the past 10 years we have been supplying five of our cable ranges to a well known UK manufacturer of Audio cables. 

All of our products were used for the High End Signature ranges; please call us for bespoke pricing. 

True Signal Audio Range

True Phase Silver Plus Analog

  • This is Phase stable cable ( it retains all signals being sent down the stranded silver conductor at operating temperatures of -65c up to 165c). Along with having two silver plated braids , one foil  the other braided, it's a must for all Audiophiles.
  • Its best used if you have plenty of room at the back of your system due to it's size of 8mm outer diameter cable size and solid core construction.

  • Please call us for competitive pricing.

Musical Detail: Clarity,Neutrality, Warmth are all attributes at work here.

True Phase Digital

  • As Digital cables go, this is a revelation with its EPTFE dielectric surrounding a solid silver conductor. It also benefits from having a two stage shield like its Analog sibling. When using a DAC player from any price range,you will understand why this interconnect is a powerful addition to any system.

  • Please call us for competitive pricing.

Image and Musical Detail: Vibrant Colours, Clarity flow from this cable.

True Phase Silver Analog

  • Silver Analog is single core Phase Stable coax, that  is made up of  silver stranded conductors and surrounded by EPTFE dielectric . Covering the stranded cores are two silver shields, one foil and one braided. We are happy to use any RCA style plug you would like, as our cables are built to order.

  • Please call us for competitive pricing.

Musical Detail: Clarity, Neutrality and Warmth are at work here.

True Phase Silver Ultimate Analog

  • Silver Ultimate is a 3 core silver stranded coax cable that uses EPTFE Dielectric, to secure the Phase Stability on this assembly .
  • When were making this cable, we test the cable for signal  direction, making sure that it's  ready for you plug in and play for the optimum experience.
  • The two silver plated shields, one a heliacal foil and  other a woven braid, give this cable all the signal transfer traits to make it  our Signature cable.
  • For the Audiophile that wants an interconnect to release every last drop of sound , then this is the cable for you.
  • Please call us for competitive pricing.

Musical Detail: Clarity,Tone, Depth,Neutrality and Warmth are the major factors when purchasing this Signature Interconnect.

Din and XLR options are available 

True Phase Stream Cat 7

We have been experimenting with streaming technology and have now made a shielded data cable that smoothes out the rough edges when playing sounds over the ether. 

Using metal RJ 45 connectors and uber fast Cat 7 cable, terminated in our own special way. 

Please call us for competitive pricing.

True Signal Sound Transfer Speaker Cable

  • This is our only speaker cable at the moment. It's a silver twin multicore cable that has a low profile presence to link your speakers with the source.
  • We are using both 4mm plugs and BFA plugs if needed. Both are Rhodium plated to give the best performance possible.
  • Stunning sound reproduction and signal integrity make this a cable for all systems.
  • Please call us for competitive pricing.
  • Other lengths can be made to your requested length.

Musical Detail: Smooth, Clear , Neutral and Warmth ooze from this Cable.

Customer Feedback for December 2017

True Signal Silver Ultimate

I’d like to thank Tony at True Signal for supplying me with a 3.2m RCA phono extension lead which I asked to be specially made, due to the positioning of my Wilson Benesch full circle turntable in my front room. The quality of the cable was exceptional, so good in fact, that I ordered a power cord for the same turntable straight away (mainly to replace the ‘kettle lead’ all hifi dealers provide!).

The difference was immediately noticeable, so good in fact, that I’m now getting True Signal speaker cable to replace my Chord Sarum! I’m also now making inquiries to change my Chord signature BNC cable to a True Signal and also change over my Chord balanced XLR interconnects. True Signal cables are truly awesome and I would highly recommend them, I also believe these cables to be up there with the best and beyond. 

Thanks TS

Paul Bailey

Prbtechnical Ltd

Digital 75 cable

" Great service and a cracking interconnect,its bossing my Yamaha RX brilliantly"

Speaker cables next month please !

C Pearce London

Sound Transfer Speaker Cable

Guys, no running in needed with the cable,and thanks for making up my required run so quickly.

Mrs N  W1

Silver Plus Interconnect

" Instant change of depth in my system, this cable is enhancing to experience with my Cyrus kit"

Si Hill   Edinburgh

Silver Ultimate interconnect

" Wow and how did you do that..."

Seriously slick and worthy of the investment. Did not think you would add more pleasure over my Sarum T !

Chris R   Bath

True Phase Silver Power Cable

The staff at True Signal couldn't have been more accommodating, they were so friendly and knowledgeable; they said I was their first customer for their new power cable - I won't be the last! 

K. Bazeley Horsham


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